Buttermilk Scones

I have never made scones in my life, but when I read that in March in TWD we would be baking these, I was really pleased, the reason being that I would be able to use my new pastry blender, a gift for my birthday. So I put the flour in the bowl and just dropped the butter stick in. With the help of my new gadget they quickly mixed together into breadcrumbs of various size, a necessity for a really flaky pastry. Needless to say the process was a simpler and cleaner for my hands and the result probably better as no butter has been melted in the process. It also took just a couple of seconds. Having this mixture I continued to add the wet ingredients until a rough dough was formed. The recipe than goes straight to rolling it out, which I think in hindsight is a mistake, as the dough would be much more malleable if chilled for half an hour. Of course if you are just making these plain with sugar, that would not be a problem, but since I decided to go fancy and fill them up with jam, chilling would have certainly helped. With this side note in mind, I think they turned out quite nicely, even if not too good looking.

Buttermilk Scones

I ate them with freshly brewed English mint tea with a teaspoon of honey – my favourite drink for this time of the year. And although not seeming mouth watering, they sure were tasty.

4 thoughts on “Buttermilk Scones

  1. Congrats on making scones for the first time! They look very cute. I bet they were good. I really loves scones, so I was happy we made this recipe.

    • Thanks, they were. The main reason for adding jam rather than doing them plain is that I simply love everything to be as sweet as possible, but probably next time I would stick with plain and fill them with jam after baking :)

  2. They look great! This was my first time at making scones as well – I however, went with the traditional shape. I’ll be making these again. :)

    • Yours look even better, perhaps I should have stuck with the traditional design too :) I would probably try these again too, they have a certain draw to them – soft, sweet and buttery.

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