Mocha Brownie Cake

Lucky for me there are a lot of people around me born in the beginning of the year, thus when I need to make a cake for the TWD I do not feel so guilty – just another cake, for a special someone. This time it was a cake full with my favourite ingredient – chocolate. If I had to pick something with which to be stranded on a desolate island with (and its not a person) it would probably be chocolate. The dark substance always brings the smile on my face. But enough chatter let’s go to the cake itself.

I have always liked chocolate cakes, but up until the Hershey’s perfectly chocolate cake, have never been able to make a really delicious one. Having master this I was keen on trying the Mocha Brownie Cake. It is based on several simple ingredients and the instructions are very straight forward. The key with the base is to not over bake it. After the 40th minute in the oven one should check it regularly since it can quickly dry up and although delicious either way it is certainly better when a little moist.

The other main ingredient – the ganache is very easy to make, just putting the ingredients in a sauce pan and stirring constantly will result in a delicious sauce. The building of the cake itself is again easy with the usage of the pan in which it is baked. Just put a layer on, then ganache, then another layer, then ganache, another layer, and finish with the ganache.

In my opinion it is not the best looking cake, or the most attractive one, but the taste is gorgeous – it is rich and moist and perfectly chocolaty. And the best thing, the birthday boy liked it :) I would certainly make this again when I am hungry for chocolate.

DSC_0759_DxO (copy 2)

PS: Since I am not a fan of coffee I exchange the espresso for Bailey’s irish cream, which added some additional richness to the ganache.

5 thoughts on “Mocha Brownie Cake

    • I liked it a lot, but I guess it really depends on whether you like chocolate or not. You can squeeze it in the rewind week next month I guess :)

    • Thank you!
      Exactly my point, I think Hershey’s recipe is a great beginners chocolate cake and it always turns out great.

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