Potato Lefse

Potato lefse was for me another completely new baking experience with the TWD group. This kind of Norwegian flatbread is  something, which I have never made before. It is made of potatoes, cream, butter and flour – several very basic ingredients. But as usual with the recipes from this lovely book (Baking with Julia) it is not only about the ingredients, but also about the techniques. And by making these one can learn about dough consistency and using a rolling pin to achieve even the thinnest of dough leaves. It reminded me a lot of making dough sheets for a traditional Bulgarian dish – banitsa. In the case of the lefse, however, the dough does not allow such a thin rolling, or at least mine did not. It is also reminiscent of pan cakes, despite the rolling and the different dough type. Probably the best comparison is with tortillas.

In the end, however, it is something that stands on its own. Being an interesting combination of sweet and savory one wonders how to serve this. With the batch I made we tried both salty fillings, as well as sweet ones, and I personally liked them either way. The one bellow was with fresh cream cheese and shrimp. Potato lefse (copy)

If one has the time this is a nice and non-traditional thing to make and it can also be modified into a nice gluten free alternative to pancakes or tortillas by using gluten free flour. It can also be made vegan friendly by using vegetable cream and coconut fat for example, instead of cream and butter. I guess in this case, however, they would be better suited to sweet fillings because of the coconut fat.

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  1. We also tried savory and sweet variations of the lefse and we enjoyed them. I used equal amounts of oat and all purpose flour and it worked out well.

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