At long last, one recipe I have made before. I really like cantuccini. They are rich and flavourful and especially good with cocoa milk or coffee. They are also pretty simple to make, just mixing the ingredients forming loaves, and baking. The only hassle could be the baking part since in order to have this lovely crispiness and texture they should be baked twice – one with the whole loaf and another time cut in their final shape. As this is not so uncommon with cookies these days, there really is nothing, which can stop the novice baker from preparing these.

But enough about the cooking of these as I think it is very well described in Baking with Julia. Let’s talk about the cookies themselves. The cantuccini, sometimes also referred to as biscotti for being twice baked, are usually accompanied by a delicious drink – black coffee, cocoa milk, even sweet wine in some parts of Italy. As I usually do not drink either wine or coffee I take mine with hot cocoa, or milk with honey and cinnamon.


For italian food, which is among my favorite cuisines I usually resort to The Silver Spoon,  but I find the version in Baking with Julia refreshing, especially because of the addition of cinnamon, an aroma, which I love.

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